For any complaints relating to the report governed by this Agreement, the Merchant may make a complaint to be sent in writing to:

Worldline will reply within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

After making a complaint, if the Merchant is not satisfied or has not received

a reply within the stipulated deadline, it is necessary to take the following steps.

Prior to contacting the judicial authority, under penalty of loss of entitlement to proceed with the complaint, the Merchant must undertake a mediation procedure in front of one of the following bodies of his/her choosing:

  • Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF)(Banking and Financial Arbitrator), for disputes related to the establishment of entitlements, obligations and powers arising from banking and financial operations and services, within the value limit of 100,000 euros per dispute, should they relate to the payment of a sum of money. To find out how to contact the Arbitrator and the extent of their competence, it is possible to consult the website, ask at Banca d'Italia branches or ask Worldline. The application to ABF exonerates the Merchant from undertaking the mediation procedure as specified in the paragraph below, if he/she intends to bring proceedings before the judicial authority; 


           in relation to the obligation to undertake the mediation procedure prior to applying to the judicial authority, even in the absence of a prior complaint:

  • Conciliatore Bancario Finanziario –Association for solving banking, financial and corporate disputes - ADR; the Regulations of the Conciliatore Bancario Finanziario can be found on the website or by asking SPS;


  • another qualified mediation body that is registered with the relevant register held at the Italian Ministry of Justice.