Konto testowe Saferpay

Konto testowe Saferpay

Przetestuj interface Saferpay i zrób transakcje testowe

Saferpay Test Account

Saferpay offers the possibility to test all interfaces in a specially for you created test account.

The Saferpay test account allows you to implement Saferpay into your system and make test transactions over several payment simulators before going live.

The https interface is NOT available for individual test accounts! We strongly recommend using the Saferpay JSON API. If this is not feasible, use the general test account for the https interface!

Looking for the entry to the Saferpay test Backoffice?

IMPORTANT: The Saferpay test account is separated from your Saferpay live account. Access details, log-in data etc. for the test account CANNOT be used on the live account and vice versa.

Therefore, please ensure that you use the correct access data upon changing over from the test account to the live account.

By default, all Saferpay functions are activated on the test accounts, including Saferpay Business functions. Please note that the Business functions will no longer be available on your account later if you have not concluded a Saferpay Business contract.

Please consult the licence matrix in the JSON API documentation in order to evaluate which functions are available with which licence.

Using Saferpay JSON API with the test account

To ensure that the requests are sent to the test account, you are required to adjust the base URL for requests.

Base URL: https://test.saferpay.com/api

All other URLs are derived from this base URL. For example:

Credentials for HTTP Basic Authentication can be created in the test Backoffice under "Settings > JSON API Basic Authentication"

JSON API Online Help

Do you need help with the integration?

You can now also view the Saferpay specifications and documentations online. This includes a number of examples which you can use as well as a full parameter description for all interfaces to and from Saferpay.

• JSON API specifications

• JSON API documentations

Older API

If desired, older Saferpay interfaces can be tested either with the Saferpay Client Libraries for JAVA and .NET or the https interface.

The general test account features all the necessary functions

Please note that older Saferpay interfaces will not be developed further. We therefore STRONGLY recommend choosing the JSON API for a new implementation.

You can derive the ACCOUNTID from the data specified above as follows: CUSTOMERID-TERMINALID, i.e. 401860-17795278

Saferpay Test Data


Various simulators are available on the Saferpay test account. The following payment methods can be tested:

WARNING! The simulators do not accept genuine credit cards or payment means.

You can enter a random value for CVC/Expiry date, but please note that a date in the past will cause an error because the card is expired.

Credit- and debit cards

General Test Account

Alternatively the general Saferpay test account can be used.


This general test account may only be used, if the Saferpay https-Interface (Hosting-Service) is needed. If you are planning on using the Saferpay JSON-API, or even the old client libraries for .NET or JAVA, we advise you, to register your own test account!

All Saferpay functions are activated on the test account as standard, including Saferpay Business functions.

This also implies the "new" function for Secure Card Data.

Even if you do not want to or cannot use Business, you can test all standard functions as usual.

Please note that the Business functions will no longer be available on your live account later if you have not concluded a Saferpay Business agreement.

Please consult the feature matrix in the appendix of the JSON API in order to evaluate which functions are available with which agreements.

General test account credentials

Saferpay test Backoffice credentials

  • User name: e401860001
  • Password: 6JE54wBz

Various terminals are available within the test account which can be accessed by CUSTOMERID and TERMINALID:

401860 17795278 Standard eCommerce terminal without DCC.


eCommerce terminal for DCC payments in the base currency EUR.

PLEASE NOTE: DCC is only available for Mastercard and Visa.

  19304840 Phone mail terminal for payments without 3DS and DCC.

You can derive the ACCOUNTID from the above-specified data as follows: CUSTOMERID-TERMINALID, i.e. 401860-17795278

New certificate for test environment

For the Saferpay test environment (https://test.saferpay.com) the SSL security certificate was renewed. Modifications on your site are not necessary in most cases, because normally a certificate is updated automatically.

The new certificate must be imported only if you use your own truststore.

Download of the new certificate

You can download the new certificate for https://test.saferpay.com here: Certificate test environment (zip).