Global security threats are constantly changing and the security of our retailers continues to be our top priority. In this context the SSL certificates of Saferpay are being updated.

The change of the certificate for the Saferpay test environment ( will be carried out on 14. August 2018.

The change of the certificate for the productive system ( will be carried out on September 4, 2018.

What do I need to do as a merchant?

In most cases no measures need to be taken. The change should have no effect on your system and the sale, as certificates are usually managed and verified automatically.

In certain cases however, the server, on which your e-commerce solution is installed, does manage the certificates manually, in what is known as a “Trust Store”. In this case all trustworthy certificates must be updated in this Trust Store to make sure that the server continues to trust the concerned web services. If the new Saferpay certificates are not stored in the Trust Store your system will not be able anymore to communicate with Saferpay after the certificate change.

Should you not be sure whether your system uses a local Trust Store than please contact your system administrator or shop operator, in order to ensure that, if needed, the certificates are updated to your Trust Store in due time.

The certificate update also includes a change of the used root certificate. The normal operating system updates do ensure that new root certificates are known. However, you should check this point as well.

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