Consumer demand called for an all-in-one card, capable of delivering a more collective commerce experience, combining technological advances in security, contactless payments and technical efficiency. BMPB’s new flagship card programme was to be the first independent move in card issuing in the Belgium market, and was designed to position BMPB as a pioneer in card innovation.

With its knowledge of the card issuing business and experience in realising innovative products, the team at SIX Payment Services contributed its insights to develop and launch our sophisticated new product. The team’s effectiveness in consulting on the technical possibilities, has allowed us to issue the most innovative card in the world. We achieved our goal in bringing a truly unique payment solution to our cardholders, one that will make life easier and more secure for them. We may be amongst the oldest banks in Europe, but we certainly want to be the most innovative!

Dino Albanese, Member of Management Committee, Banca Monte Paschi Belgio

A «genuine technology powerhouse»

… that’s what the new card was called when launched in November 2012. Today, the PaschiCombo card is the world’s first Maestro (debit) and MasterCard (credit) dual card with added contactless payments and secure e-commerce functionalities.  The card includes a wealth of features, including:

  • integration of both debit and credit card capabilities onto a single card, using a single chip 
  • enablement of NFC transactions via the PayPass contactless payments platform
  • built-in passcode display screen generating individual number sets for 3D secure e-commerce transactions

The integration of these features has resulted in greater simplicity and enhanced security levels for customers, while customer service has been optimised, by allowing cardholders to order the card online, without having to visit their branch. Needless to say that there’s been huge interest from prospective and existing customers. 

Award-winning architecture for a creative solution

BMPB approached SIX Payment Services (SIX) to help create the concept and provide the state-of-the-art infrastructure needed for an all-in-one card, combining card schemes, NFC and security protocols. 

Based on the Maestro and MasterCard card schemes, BMPB and SIX worked together to build the processing solution and infrastructure behind the PaschiCombo card. We needed to ensure this world-first product accommodated all the necessary capabilities to handle a plethora of transaction demands for the modern-day account holder. SIX architected the concept of the card, bringing together the relevant partners and now provides the payment processing technology for the card. At the FSTech Awards in London in April 2013, we received the prestigious ‘Highly Commended’ Award for Payment Innovations. 

The payment technology behind

For this unique all-in-one card product SIX Payment Services provides leading-edge payment processing technology. SIX manages all payment transactions made on the cards, which encompasses purchases made at traditional POS terminals, guarantees ATM usage and ensures contactless NFC. SIX operates a modular platform which includes a wealth of features to help tailor solutions according to customer requirements. Multiple models of integration with the issuer and its banking systems are possible via online interfaces, file interfaces and real-time web services, giving BMPB full control of the PaschiCombo card as well as  access to customer information in real time to help support marketing, auditing, tracking and security developments at the organisation.