An urgent update of the SOFiE client must be done before March 14th, 2018. Please read this message.

Video tutorials are now available on this page: "SOFiE - Documentation - Video Tutorials".

  • Please note that for Windows systems you do not need to install Java on your system before installing SOFIE, given that a custom JRE is already embedded in the SOFiE installer package.
  • For installation procedure, please refer to the manual "Installation and profile creation" in the documentation section of this website.

What's new?

  • This new version supports layout 4 of the TPTBBN and TPTBBL reports. For more information, please visit this page on BCL’s website.
  • The naming convention for AnaCredit reports has been adapted (field MessageID). For more information, please visit this page on BCL’s website.
  • New Ca certificates from Digicert are now included. AN update of the SOFiE client software is requested in order for it to work as of March 15th , 2018.

SOFiE not packaged with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for UNIX/Linux 32/64 bits systems, as long as Java JRE 1.7 is supported).

Latest version: V5.19 2018-02-28

Use an official JRE of version 6 minimum (JRE 1.7.0_79 recommended). OpenJDK is not compatible!

Please uncompress the archive in the SOFiE home folder with the command "tar -xvf Sofie_Prod_V5.19.20180315.tar" and read the INSTALL.TXT notes included in the installation package.

Run SOFiE with the command "run_gui.ksh" from the "bin" subfolder (The Korn Shell is mandatory).

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Download SOFiE for UNIX/Linux