At the core of our business is an incredibly capable technical platform. Because we are a payment specialist, this platform is engineered to deliver stability, security and availability. But we also designed it to be highly configurable. And a real point of difference at SIX Payment Services is the level of flexibility we offer.

Here are just some of the benefits we bring:

  • We move at pace. Our systems can quickly be configured to meet your needs (we don’t need to code them). So we reduce your time-to-market.
  • We support and enable innovation. SIX Payment Services easily accommodates new levels of functionality. So we help you win in the new world of payments.
  • We map our system to your needs. There are no constraints in our systems, and the hierarchies are infinite. So you can launch truly differentiated products and services.
  • We operate at scale. SIX Payment Services works with hundreds of issuers and acquirers and thousands of merchants. So you benefit our scale economies.
  • We work on a multi-everything basis. Our platform supports any brand, product, language, or currency. So you can easily replicate your successes and expand along the value chain.
  • We are certified by all schemes. Our technical teams constantly adapt and update our systems to meet new and emerging standards.  So you reduce your compliance burden.
  • We operate across Europe and beyond. Our platforms are truly integrated, extending across national borders. So we can support you in the same way in every market.
  • We support both issuers and acquirers. Our issuing and acquiring platforms run side-by-side. So you can enjoy the synergies of our integrated processing solutions.