Certified in every respect – high security systems and services

Certified in every respect – high security systems and services

One of challenges of today’s payment market is the ever-heavier compliance burden. At SIX Payment Services we routinely exceed every standard and comply with every rule.

Our systems are secure by design. When you work with us, you avoid unnecessary risks. You protect your own customers from the threat of data compromise. And you significantly reduce your own compliance burden.

We are, of course, fully compliant with every industry standard (like PCI DSS).  We meet every national and regional regulatory requirement (like the SEPA Card Framework and the PSD, as well as AML and KYC rules).  And we are regularly audited by a full range of industry bodies (like SNB, FINMA, SBA and PCI).

For SIX, that is not enough. On a regular basis, we commission an external supplier to perform internal and external attacks and penetration tests. Meanwhile, we rigorously test the integrity and redundancy of our systems and networks – to guarantee availability levels of at least 99.99%

Finally, it’s worth noting that our multi-client, multi-scheme, multi-currency environment securely segregates the data of every program and every customer.  And every transaction that flows through our systems is protected by the Message Authentication Code (MAC) principles – ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.