At SIX Payment Services, we are all payments people.  We are utterly obsessed with the world of payments (and proud of the fact).  And we know how the performance of your payments business could be improved.  

So why not take full advantage of our enthusiasm and our expertise? Here are some of the ways you benefit:

  • We have managed some huge migration projects. We are constantly onboarding new customers. So you benefit from proven expertise in implementation and in ongoing program optimisation.
  • We understand the nature of today’s payments market, the challenges faced by European issuers and acquirers, and the newfound emphasis on sustainable, profitable payment programs.
  • We know about the changing economics of today’s payments business (including the impact of regulation and the cautious mood of so many consumers), and help you to find new sources of profitability when traditional revenues are squeezed.
  • We know about the tools and techniques that can improve the performance and profitability of your payment products.
  • We continually see what does and does not work for other payment players within Europe and worldwide – and how the lessons could be applied within your own business.
  • We have expertise across the entire customer lifecycle (from acquisition right through to collections and retention) – and can help you to determine the easiest, surest routes to improved profitability.