Compelling loyalty programs – drawing on data and insight

Compelling loyalty programs – drawing on data and insight

Reward and loyalty programs have always helped to influence consumer behavior and increase their spending. But it’s getting more difficult to cut through the clutter.

As a leading acquiring processor and a leading issuing processor, SIX is well-connected across the payments ecosystem – and a wealth of transaction data flows through our systems.

Drawing on these connections and the treasure-trove of data, we can help you to devise and deliver a new generation of loyalty programs offering highly targeted rewards.

  • Consumers benefit – by receiving the right offers at the right time through the right channel
  • Merchants benefit – by targeting the most relevant consumers with the most appropriate offers
  • Card issuers benefit – by offering increased value and delivering great offers that really stand out

Besides the intelligence in our core systems, SIX can take advantage of a sophisticated point of sale network. Indeed, many of our terminals were specifically designed to log loyalty points and handle friction-free redemptions. Our technology platform also supports a wide range of loyalty propositions (from traditional point-based programs to instant, time-limited rewards).

We would also encourage you to think beyond your credit card programs – as today’s loyalty programs are equally applicable to debit, prepaid and commercial cards (or any combination of them).

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