License sponsorship for banks and retailers

License sponsorship for banks and retailers

Having your own MasterCard or Visa license is not a prerequisite. You can still launch a card program, operate an ATM network, or offer card acceptance services to your business customers.

At SIX Payment Services we provide several license sponsorship models.

For issuers

If you want to offer Maestro, MasterCard, V PAY or Visa cards to your customers, we can act on your behalf, and provide a fully managed service. You could be a smaller player that wants to enter a new market. You could be looking for innovative ways to offer a wider range of differentiated card products. Or you could be an established player wanting to reduce cost and complexity.

For acquirers

If you are an established acquirer we could help you reduce your risks, and eliminate the burden of regulatory compliance. If you are a multi-national player, we could represent you in certain countries. Or, if you are simply looking at ways to offer card acceptance services to your business customers, we could work as your acquiring agent. Depending on your needs, we offer several revenue-sharing partnership models.

For merchants

By working with SIX, you can add international payment functionality to your existing loyalty or private label cards. Or we can help you to devise and deliver a brand new proposition – increasing loyalty, driving footfall, reducing costs, earning new revenues, and delivering deep insights into your customers.

With SIX acting as your sponsor, there is no onerous scheme liaison to contend with. You do not have to keep track of ever-changing rules or never-ending mandates. Yet you still benefit from the brand strength, the security and worldwide acceptance of the international card schemes.

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