Spotting – and stopping – suspicious transactions

Spotting – and stopping – suspicious transactions

SIX Payment Services operates a powerful, rules-based fraud detection system. It feeds on the full SIX dataset. As new fraud trends emerge, it keeps on learning. And it is operated by a team of highly experienced case management experts.

Every second of every day, our powerful fraud detection engine scrutinizes the details of every transaction that flows through our systems. Each of them is checked against a full set of rules. And, whenever a parameter is crossed, a response is automatically triggered.

Our systems are unusual, in that they draw on both the issuing and the acquiring side of the business (thereby cross-referencing merchant profiles with cardholder profiles). This data is pulled from one of Europe’s largest issuing and acquiring portfolios. And, to complete the picture, we also factor in data from MasterCard’s international detection systems.

To help you keep in control, alerts can be triggered at the pre-authorization, pre-clearing and post-clearing phase. You can also use the system to inform your own case management. Or you can make full use of the dedicated team here at SIX.

Our comprehensive, integrated system covers every stage of the case management lifecycle (from the initial alert, right through to the eventual resolution). And everything can be adapted to align with your internal policies.

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