Managing risks, preventing fraud, minimizing losses

Managing risks, preventing fraud, minimizing losses

Card fraud was once an opportunistic crime perpetrated by small time crooks. Today, highly organized criminals seek out and exploit vulnerabilities. And the role of SIX Payment Services is to stay one step ahead.

SIX offers a complete range of risk and fraud management solutions, including the latest fraud detection and transaction monitoring engines.

We help you to keep your losses to an absolute minimum. And, when things do go wrong, we deal with the fallout – with a disciplined case management process, and a team of specialists to handle the reporting, the chargeback and the claims management.

Related services include:

  • Real-time, rules-based fraud detection systems
  • Fraud control and management systems (including geo-blocking)
  • Fraud reporting (including all of the necessary scheme liaison)
  • Case handling (from initial assessment through to claims management)

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