Managing your prepaid cards (and the accounts behind them)

Managing your prepaid cards (and the accounts behind them)

With SIX Payment Services you are free to configure your ideal prepaid proposition. You choose the technology, the utility, the fee model, the add-on features and the distribution channels. And you rely on us to manage your program flawlessly.

Irrespective of the details of your proposition, a prerequisite for success is the seamless combination of the card itself and the stored value account that lies behind it.

With the our prepaid platform, the two are fully synchronized. Everything happens in duplicate and in real-time. And it becomes possible to interact with the card (and the account) across multiple channels – via the mobile networks, for example, or online, or the physical point of sale environment.

So, you can provide customers with an incredibly feature-rich proposition. They can use and service it across multiple channels and devices. They can also enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Yet there is no risk of the cardholder overspending or incurring a negative account balance.

And, of course, you can pick from the usual range of services from SIX – like card personalization and distribution, PIN management, core transaction processing, card load and reload solutions, convenient online account servicing, and an always-available multi-lingual customer support center.

Fraud and risk management are, of course, integral to our transaction processing services. And we provide a complete exception item and dispute handling service.

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