Helping you to run a more effective, more agile debit card operations

Helping you to run a more effective, more agile debit card operations

The details that make the difference – to give you new insights into your P&L drivers, help you increase your everyday efficiencies, and enable you to avoid all the laborious intricacies of scheme liaison and compliance.

Many aspects of the debit card issuing business are laborious and costly. They can be an unnecessary drain on your resources. And they can detract from the important business of managing and extending your customer relationships.

With SIX Payment Services, you can call on a full range of debit card issuing services – benefiting from our scale, our expertise and our technology investments.

Scheme management

There is no need to get bogged down with the tedious details of card scheme management and liaison. SIX lifts the burden – keeping on top of directives and bulletins, and ensuring that mandates are met.

We can go as far as you like. We could simply filter out the routine details. We could manage entire elements of your operations. Or, we could become your license sponsor and provide a fully outsourced service.


Take a look at the possibilities. Our reporting engines can automatically pull any transaction data from our core processing applications. And you can assemble the type of management information that matters most to your business.

Daily, weekly, monthly or real-time reporting are all available. You can drill right down into cardholder segments or individual accounts. You can do it all from a simple web-based control panel (or GUI). And, of course, everything can be exported to your own data warehouses.


We routinely capture and archive transaction data in a highly secure environment. This enables you to meet your regulatory requirements. It also allows you to interrogate the data – to gain new insights into your customers and their everyday habits.

Fraud and risk management

Fraud and risk management are, of course, integral to our transaction processing services. And we provide a complete exception item and dispute handling service.