The complete card management solution

The complete card management solution

Increasingly the debit card lies at the very heart of the customer relationship. So you want to be sure that everything always works flawlessly. And you want to be certain that the best possible service is always delivered.

For most of our clients, the functionality and flexibility of the SIX Payment Services card management platform is something of a revelation. It puts you in direct control of your debit card programs – but it frees you from the time, the drudgery and the expense of managing the underlying debit card operations.

All of the relevant card data is accessible around the clock from an intuitive web-based control panel. Changes to limits, master data and EMV data are possible at any time and are effective immediately. This means you benefit from

  • Card management in real time
  • Optimized CRM
  • Integrated EMV functionality
  • The highest levels of security

You can also manage your debit programs through an XML interface. The advantage is that this platform-independent solution can be fully integrated in your host environment.

Our service covers the entire debit card lifecycle. It can be tightly integrated with your core banking systems, IVRs and CRM systems, as well as other service providers. And, of course, it works hand-in-hand with our wider service set (including card personalization, card delivery and activation, PIN management, fraud management, and cardholder support).