Security, availability and flexibility – working at scale

Security, availability and flexibility – working at scale

At SIX Payment Services, we keep the transactions flowing. We handle up to 25 of them each second, with more than 0.6 million transactions every day. And we can always support the level of sophistication you are looking for.

Processing transactions is what SIX does. We handle domestic and international transactions, including routing, authorization and collection, as well as clearing and settlement. And you can rely on us to deliver the highest standards of availability, security and flexibility:

  • Our systems routinely exceed availability levels of 99.99%. We only ever use a fraction of our available bandwidth. We maintain full redundancy across all components. And our operations are fully compliant with the most stringent security standards.

  • SIX routinely supports the full range of transaction types, including purchases, cash withdrawals, secure e-commerce, credits, funds transfers, adjustments and reversals.

  • As a leader in chip technology, we provide a full range of EMV-related processing services, including sophisticated authorization techniques and post issuance updates.

  • Your own authorization parameters can be viewed and changed, by your own people, direct from their desktop, at any time – and in real time.

  • With SIX, you can benefit from the intelligence within our systems. For example, with our clearing solutions you can optimize your cash management and get an accurate forecast of your daily settlement position.

Fraud and risk management are, of course, integral to SIX transaction processing. And we provide a complete exception item and dispute handling service.

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