Mapping our service to your specifics

Mapping our service to your specifics

At Six Payment Services we accommodate diversity – in your operations, your geographies, your time-zones, your customers, your everything.

At SIX, we know that the world of payments is going to become ever-more diverse – and we developed our platform to help our clients deal with and reconcile this diversity.

So, for example:

  • Multi-currency – SIX supports all major currencies. Any account can be denominated in any currency. And every institution within a multi-national group can be configured using its own local currency.
  • Multi-language – all SIX services and processes are multi-lingual by design. This includes our user-interfaces, our billing systems, and our customer support centers.
  • Multi-national – SIX complies with the complex cross border issuing requirements of both Visa and MasterCard, and routinely support clients over multiple countries and time-zones.
  • Multi-institution – SIX can support card operations for several financial institutions on a single installation. The specifics of each institution are accommodated, yet consolidated reporting and internal clearing are made easy.
  • Multi-channel – we encourage and enable you to offer self-serve facilities to your cardholders, so that they can manage their accounts across multiple channels (such as web or mobile banking interfaces, IVRs, email and SMS text messages).

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