Enabling you to innovate and differentiate

Enabling you to innovate and differentiate

At SIX Payment Services we can help you win in the new world of payments. With our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse, we know what lies behind the hype. And we help your business to benefit.

SIX works at the very heart of the payments ecosystem. We have close relationships with all the major players (including card schemes, technology vendors and app developers). And, thanks to the flexibility of our systems, they often ask us to roadtest their innovations.

We have also worked with our clients to develop highly individual propositions – such as a multi-function card, incorporating credit and debit applications on the same chip, which also generates and displays dynamic passcodes.

All of this experience, and these connections, can be put to work for your business. So, for example, we could enhance your card propositions with an SMS notification service. We could allow your customers to create their own personalized card designs. We could support you with your contactless payment programs. We could help you develop a virtual card program. And we could help you to move into mobile payments.

Drawing on our commercial acquiring and acquiring processing businesses (and the data which flows through our systems), we could also work together to deliver a new class of revenue-generating loyalty programs – featuring highly targeted, retailer-funded offers.

Our contribution to innovation includes a solution to enable payments to be transferred simply, quickly and securely from person-to-person via mobile phone. This means that transferring money by mobile phone can be almost as straightforward as sending a text message. What is more, this same solution can be used for commercial payments – such as e-commerce and cross border transactions.

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