The complete card management solution

The complete card management solution

How much flexibility do you have when designing and delivering the ideal credit card proposition? At SIX Payment Services, we aim to remove any restrictions and give you unfettered flexibility.

For most of our clients, our card management platform is something of a revelation. It provides unmatched freedom in the way that you design and manage your credit card programs, as well as the billing, the fee structures and the statements. The power to create and manage new propositions is in the hands of your own marketing experts – who no longer rely on an army of programmers to put their ideas into action.

Making changes to product parameters or account conditions – or even setting up a new product – is done through our intuitive web-based control panel (although a team of our specialists is always on hand to guide you through the process).

The benefits of this extraordinary flexibility include:

  • Reduced development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • The ability for users to make production changes

Our service covers the entire credit card lifecycle. It can be tightly integrated with your core banking systems, IVRs and CRM systems, as well as other service providers. And, of course, it works hand-in-hand with our wider service set (including card personalization, card delivery and activation, PIN management, fraud management, and cardholder support).

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