Right for your merchants. Right for their customers

Right for your merchants. Right for their customers

Whether it’s a small neighborhood store or a large international chain, SIX Payment Services provides a personalized service to all of your merchants.

Providing a front-line service to more than 180,000 merchants, SIX Payment Services is one of Europe’s largest acquiring processors.

Reliability is at the core of what SIX does (and our levels of availability routinely exceed 99.99%). A strong service ethos is also a given (and we can be trusted to handle every aspect of customer set-up and support). But, for SIX, the real point of difference is the level of personalization we offer.

This is particularly important for large or complex retail groups and those operating across national borders. We can reflect the precise details of their organizational structure within our systems. Able to create an infinite range of ‘hierarchies’, SIX is totally flexible over:

  • The level and detail of management information we provide
  • The pricing and billing models we deploy
  • The accounting and cash management options we offer – which distinguish between merchants and payout accounts
  • The settlement choices we bring

As well as benefiting your merchants, this flexibility helps you to manage and monitor your own business. From a web-based control panel (or GUI) you get real time access to the heart of our systems – enabling you to increase efficiencies and offering you new insights.

Choose SIX!

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