It is these differences that make prepaid such an interesting opportunity for today’s issuers. But, to take advantage of this opportunity, it helps if you can draw upon a full range of specialist skills and expertise.

SIX Payment Services has an abundance of prepaid experience. We have been managing successful prepaid programs for more than 15 years. We have prepaid specialists in several European countries. And we run one of Europe’s most open and capable prepaid platforms.

Again, a real point of difference at SIX Payment Services is the level of flexibility we offer. In terms of technology, you can choose anything from contactless EMV, to traditional magnetic stripe, to online-only virtual accounts. We offer disposable or reloadable programs. You can choose fully-fledged Visa or MasterCard branded cards, acceptance can be restricted to selected countries and merchants, or we can offer a range of closed and loop solutions.

With SIX Payment Services, you can rely on specialist know-how. You choose exactly how your prepaid programs should function. And you know we have the resources to deliver at scale.