Smart, flexible processing solutions for issuers

You can rely on SIX Payment Services to craft the right issuing processing service for you – and for your cardholders.

SIX Payment Services is one of the largest issuing processors in Europe. SIX Payment Services manages tens of millions of cardholder accounts. We work with many different issuers. And we aim to deliver a highly attentive and personalized service to every last one of them.

We allow you to develop highly differentiated payment card propositions. We enable you to launch new innovations. We adapt our technology to meet your needs. And we help you deliver a great service to your cardholders.

Having invested heavily in our technology, we operate a uniquely capable issuer platform. It supports:

  • All card brands (Visa, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro, as well as private label and closed loop propositions)
  • All card types (credit, debit, commercial, prepaid or gift)
  • All existing and emerging payment technologies (EMV, contactless, NFC, tokenization)

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our delivery. We have worked on some truly daunting projects (like the largest ever card migration program). And we have enabled clients to launch new innovations (like multi-application chip cards and mobile payment propositions).

We can take on anything from core processing services to fully outsourced, fully managed solutions. And, as the economics of the payments business change, many clients are looking to us to develop and deliver new risk- and revenue-sharing models.