Integrated Processing Solutions

Integrated Processing Solutions

Benefit from the synergies within SIX Payment Services

SIX Payment Services is one of Europe’s leading issuing processors. We are also one of the largest acquiring processors. By drawing on our full range of assets, there are several ways we can create new value for your business.

SIX Payment Services operates across both the issuing and the acquiring side of the payments business. That puts us in a privileged position – and an increasingly unusual position. There are definite synergies between the two. And we can make them available to your business. For example:

Economic benefits

With the changing economics of the payments business, it makes strong business sense for a single institution to have a stake in both issuing and acquiring. With a greater volume of ‘on us’ transactions, the P&L drivers shift considerably. And, with SIX Payment Services, there are several ways you could benefit.

If you already have an acquiring business, we could drive increased efficiencies within it. If you are considering a move to acquiring, we could be your ‘go to market’ partner. Or, if you are concerned about the related resource requirements, we could provide a fully-managed service on your behalf or become your license sponsor.

Market development benefits

At SIX Payment Services, we automatically harvest a wealth of transaction data. We have strong retailer relationships. And we manage a large estate of feature-rich point of sale devices.

Armed with these assets, we can work with you to devise and deliver a truly compelling loyalty or rewards program – for credit, debit or prepaid.

Especially designed for shopping centers, tourist destinations and other merchant groupings, we operate ValueMaster – a powerful loyalty and rewards engine. Directly integrated with SIX Payment Services-managed point of sale networks, this enables the automatic accrual and redemption of points (or any equivalent ‘currency’).