Trust SIX Payment Services to manage your ATM estate

No one wants to think too hard about ATMs. They simply need to work (simply, securely and reliably, anywhere, anytime, night or day). And, of course, it helps if they pay their way – earning precious incremental revenues from additional services.

In our role as an ATM processor, SIX Payment Services supports a modern, efficient estate of ATMs – with the highest possible standards of security, stability and availability.

Across Europe, we manage more than 14,000 ATMs. They are, of course, EMV-compliant. We ensure they provide cash withdrawal and deposit services for the widest possible range of payment brands. And, beyond the day-to-day management and maintenance, we provide the full range of core processing services – including routing, switching, clearing and settlement.

But we always try to add more value, and enable you to earn additional revenues. So, for example, we offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and top-up services (load smartphone).

So SIX Payment Services can shoulder much of the burden of running your existing ATMs. Or if you are thinking of entering the ATM business, we could be your ‘go to market’ partner – providing you with your acquiring license and the full range of processing and support services.