General Test Account

Alternatively the general Saferpay test account can be used.

All Saferpay functions are activated on the test account as standard, including Saferpay Business functions.

This also implies the "new" function for Secure Card Data.

Even if you do not want to or cannot use Business, you can test all standard functions as usual.

Please note that the Business functions will no longer be available on your account later if you have not concluded a Saferpay Business agreement.

Please consult the feature matrix in the appendix of the JSON API in order to evaluate which functions are available with which agreements.

General Test Account Credentials

Saferpay Test Backoffice Credentials
- User name: e401860001
- Password: 6JE54wBz

Link to Login Page

Saferpay JSON API Credentials
- Basic Authentication User name: API_401860_80003225
- Basic Authentication Password: C-y*bv8346Ze5-T8

Various terminals are available within the test account which can be accessed by CUSTOMERID and TERMINALID:





17795278 Standard eCommerce terminal without DCC.



eCommerce terminal for DCC payments in the base currency EUR.

PLEASE NOTE: DCC is only available for MasterCard and VISA.

  19304840 Phone mail terminal for payments without 3DS and DCC.

You can derive the AccountID from the above-specified data as follows:
CUSTOMERID-TERMINALID, i.e. 401860-17795278

https Interface