E-Commerce Starter Pack

+ 1,49% and € 0,25 per transaction

Especially suitable for

  • Merchants who want to step into the world of online retail for the first time
  • Existing e-commerce solutions and static webpages

The easy way to accept payments in your web shop

The E-Commerce Starter Pack offers you, as an online merchant, everything you need to accept payments in a secure, hassle-free way with no fix cost. Thanks to Plug & Play integration, the Starter Pack can be easily integrated into all common web shop systems. As part of this process, the secure and proven payment solution brought to you by Saferpay ensures payment security throughout. The Starter Pack also includes the acceptance of all common means of payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, Discover and Apple Pay.

Whether it is for a fashion boutique, a furniture designer, a coffee roaster, a wine merchant or a toy store – the package is aimed at merchants who want to enter into online retail and have already decided on a shop system. Simply order the Starter Pack online and start selling in just a few minutes.

You do not have your own web shop yet? Then our Webshop Pack is the ideal solution for you. Discover more here

Saferpay e-commerce payment solution

You will receive the Saferpay payment solution as part of our Starter Pack. With Saferpay e-commerce, you can securely process payments in your web shop.

E-Commerce Webshop Pack - Zahlungslösung Saferpay E-Commerce - SIX Payment Services
  • Saferpay e-commerce with virtual terminal and Plug & Play integration in your web shop
  • Saferpay test system
  • Manage payment transactions in real time in the mySaferpay merchant portal
  • Risk Management
  • PCI DSS-certified
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free updates

Means of payment

With the tried-and-tested means of payment, you are offering your customers an excellent choice. You can also add additional means of payment at any time. And most importantly: we will credit your account for sales within just a few days.
Would you like to offer your products to an international client base? With DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)your international customers can pay in their home currency; your shop system will recognise foreign cards and then display the purchase price in the card currency when at check-out.

E-Commerce Webshop Pack - Logo Visa - SIX Payment Services

Would you like to offer more payment means on your web shop?

Then get in touch with us – we’d be happy to advise you. 

E-Commerce Webshop Pack - Zahlungsmittel - SIX Payment Services

Receive payments online now with the E-Commerce Starter Pack

E-Commerce Webshop Pack - Online Shop - SIX Payment Services

The advantages for you

  • No basic fee
  • Order online now and start integrating your payment solution in minutes.
  • Easy Plug & Play integration into existing web shop systems (platform-independent)
  • No programming skills required
  • No administration of SSL or 3-D Secure certificates

Order information

If you do not agree with the video identification of the authorized signatories, the online order cannot be completed.