Range of services

We put together a customised collaboration model for you from the partner models and the combinations thereof.

From the comprehensive portfolio available our partner managers put together a customised collaboration model for you.

The individual models can be combined. Within a model different options are possible. These different options can be selected in combination or individually.

Thereby we can ensure that the cooperation can be adjusted to the requirements of the partner and conditions of the individual markets. The use of individual partner models in the POS enabling sector is partially dependent on country-specific regulations. Any clarification and/or extension is made together with your partner manager.

Overview of partner models

As a member of the SIX Payment Services Network, the collaboration between you and SIX Payment Services can begin with combined partner models but can also be gradually extended and developed.

Integration of SIX Payment Services interfaces in the cash register, Hotel-PMS, vending machines, parking, e-commerce shop solutions


SIX Payment Services service/product

Option 1: TIM API / TIM server, integration support
Option 2: JSON API (more information and test accounts can be found here.)

Partner service

The partner integrates the SIX Payment Services terminal protocol (TIM) into his solution for merchants.

Partner benefits

  • The partner has a SIX Payment Services integration in his portfolio.
  • He can use the SIX Payment Services logo (SIX Payment Services certified partner) for marketing purposes
  • Free API
  • Free integration support
  • Co-marketing (success stories, events/exhibitions)

Partner reward

No commission

Partner classification

  • Cash register system solution providers (all industries)
  • E-commerce system integrators
  • Vending machines solution providers
  • Hotel-PMS solution providers
  • Parking solution providers
Extension / development of cooperation

Extension / development of cooperation