Partner network

Member levels

The SIX Payment Services partner network offers all companies interested in a partnership a coherent framework.

The collaboration can gradually be developed and consolidated. SIX Payment Services organises its partners into three large groups, independent of face-to-face or distance card payment transactions. A partner can be allocated to several partner groups.

Technology Partner

Integrate its solution for merchants via an interface certified by SIX Payment Services. This group includes e.g. technical network operator, solution providers for merchants and specific segments such as hotels and parking. E-commerce solutions provider or Payment Service Provider.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners offer their merchant solution as an (integrated) payment solution and/or SIX Payment Services service.  In this group, there are mainly solution providers for merchants who offer their customers SIX Payment Services enabling products and services and/or purchase SIX Payment Services products and resell them.

Business Partner

Business Partners also offer SIX Payment Services acquiring services to their customers. These partners are companies from the Technology and Solution Partner group, and independent sales organisations (e.g. commercial network operators). Banks and Fintechs that use SIX Payment Services licences or their own for their services are also included in this group. 

Partner classifications

The SIX Payment Services network distinguishes the following partner classification categories. A partner can be allocated to several classifications. Particularly when the partner operates in both face-to-face and distance card businesses.

The partner classification enables SIX Payment Services to provide the best possible support to meet the needs of the partner.

  • Cash register solution provider: A commercial enterprise for PC technology and software supplier for shop check-out solutions, mostly specialised in specific industries.
  • E-commerce solution provider: An IT company developing and selling e-commerce software
  • E-commerce system integrator: An IT company selling, customising, enhancing and integrating software and hardware products produced by other manufacturers into their customers IT infrastructur.
  • Financial institution / Bank: A financial institution offering card-based services in addition to banking transactions using the Member Service Provider license of SIX Payment Services.
  • Hotel-PMS solution provider: A system house and supplier of an Hotel Property Management Solution. It is specialised in hotel operations including catering & spa.
  • Independent sales organisation: A commercial enterprise selling products and services in card-based payment industry from one or various market participants to merchants.
  • Network service provider: An enterprise that provides point-of-sale payment solutions, including POS transaction routing to the acquirer.
  • Parking system solution provider: A commercial enterprise offering garage entrance/exit systems (off street) and/or parking machine (on street) and parking management system software.
  • Payment Consultant / Association: A company or association working in an advisory – mostly for high-revenue merchants and/or merchant associations.
  • Payment service provider (PSP): An enterprise offering shop online services to process electronic payments via different payment methods (credit and debit cards, eWallet, direct debit and bank transfer).
  • Vending system provider: A commercial enterprise or manufacturer of a vending machine solution. The areas of application range from coffee-, food-, ticket- and luggage storage terminals to petrol fuel terminals.

Overview of partner groups and partner classifications

Allocation of possible partner classifications to partner groups:

  • Cash register system solution providers
  • Vending machine solution providers
  • Hotel-PMS solution providers
  • Parking solution providers
  • E-commerce system integrators
  • E-commerce solution providers
  • Independent sales organisations/commercial network operators
  • Network operators
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Payment consultants/associations
  • Banks