All you need to know about mPRIME


mPRIME general

Who is mPRIME the right solution for?

What pricing model is the mPRIME available in?

Which credit and debit cards/payment method does mPRIME accept?

Does mPRIME accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or TWINT as well?

How secure is card acceptance with mPRIME?

Is there a minimum contract term?

Can I also use mPRIME abroad?

Can I order an additional card reader?

mPRIME app and card reader

What are the prerequisites for operating mPRIME?

Do I need a permanent internet connection for mPRIME?

Can I operate mPRIME via a WLAN as well?

Where can I download the mPRIME app?

Can I print out the payment receipt?

How is the receipt sent by email to my customers?

I do not have an email account set up on my smartphone/tablet. How can I send the receipt to my customers despite this?

Can I connect an external Bluetooth printer to the card reader?

Why is a “daily closing” necessary – and do I have to retain the receipt?

How do I charge the card reader?

Which warranty is guaranteed for the card reader?

Can I connect mPRIME to my existing checkout?

Initial setup/Installation

First steps – what do I need to do?

What do I need to do after downloading the app?

In daily use

When do I need to switch off the card reader?

Does the card reader have a standby or power-saving mode?

The card reader takes a very long time to boot up. Is that normal?

Can different smartphones or tablets be paired with the same card reader?

Can different card readers be paired with the same smartphone or tablet?

Can I connect an external Bluetooth printer to the card reader?

Where can I download the email address for my booking documents?


The “Send email” function after a transaction does not work.

Connection problems when pairing / connecting with the card reader

The connection via WLAN no longer works after the mPRIME app update.

I cannot establish a connection to the card reader after the mPRIME app update.

The card reader displays the message “Not ready for operation”.