Payment Solutions for Online Marketplaces

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The optimal payment solution for your online marketplace

Choosing the right payment solution is crucial for the success of the marketplace, as the order and payment processes must be secure and run smoothly. It is important to ensure a positive buying and selling experience for the customer and marketplace participants.

SIX Payment Services is familiar with the diverse requirements and supports a wide variety of marketplace solutions. SIX Payment Services will come up with an optimal solution for your online marketplace. Operators of a marketplace solution do not have to apply for their own payment transaction licence. The funds are controlled by SIX Payment Services as a licensed and regulated payment service provider. SIX Payment Services manages payment to the authorised dealers of the online marketplace as well as the commission to the marketplace operator. This makes it easy to ensure compliance with payment transaction regulations, money laundering guidelines and know-your-customer (KYC).


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What's an online marketplace?

In a nutshell, an online marketplace is an online shop that allows customers to purchase products and services from third-party providers. Online marketplaces offer consumers a considerable benefit by bringing together a range of merchants and goods or services on a single platform. These solutions are also attractive to merchants, as they are able to benefit from higher reaches and turnover potential than they otherwise could generate alone.

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