Your customers can easily make smartphone payments with a QR code

Your customers can easily make smartphone payments with a QR code

Easy digital payments in person without a terminal? Saferpay is being extended to include a multi-functional QR code

In countries like China, paying with a QR code is already mainstream. QR codes are used by luxury providers and street vendors alike. Mobile payment methods with QR codes are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The boom of contactless shopping with the two-dimensional matrix of black and white squares has been unstoppable, especially since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

Worldline is following this trend by launching a multi-functional static QR code in the Saferpay payment system. The solution can be generated via Saferpay Secure PayGate and integrated quickly and easily in just a few clicks. Paying by QR code is easy and smart for your customers, especially with TWINT, PayPal and the Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets, where credit and debit card details have already been stored. The new payment method is particularly interesting for restaurateurs or small and micro businesses like bakers, kiosks, market stalls and farm shops as a card reader alternative. Saferpay’s static QR code is also ideal for your omnichannel business and can be used by merchants to successfully link offline and online channels.

Find out how you can benefit from a static QR code in the blog or read a best practice case below for our customer Bechtel-Weine, who was the first to test Saferpay’s QR code.

The 5 most important questions: What you need to know as a merchant

  • Omnichannel solution for your shop and online store
  • Easy integration via Saferpay Secure PayGate
  • Multi-functional – can be used online and offline
  • Additional payment guarantee
  • More secure due to encrypted information
  • Fast mobile payment via wallets

Pretty much anywhere you can put a stand with a QR code printout offline, or anywhere you can integrate the QR code into your website online. You can also send it to your customers via a payment link. As an example, it is particularly suitable for:

  • Businesses that don’t have a payment terminal or cash register system
  • Restaurants or bars
  • Farm shops
  • Market stalls
  • Donations either in person or online
  • Club or association membership payments

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information in our Saferpay QR code documentation.  

Best Practice:

Bechtel-Weine replaces payment terminals with a static QR code from Worldline

The Bechtel-Weine family business was the first merchant to pilot the new payment method and successfully integrated it in-store and into its online store in January 2022. Previously, Bechtel customers were able to pay for their wine purchases by card at the terminal, mobile via TWINT or by purchase on account in the online store. However, this did not cover all known means of payment. In addition to the Worldline online store solution, Bechtel-Weine is now also using the static QR code, which replaces the previous card reader on the counter. “Mobile payment with a QR code meets all of the requirements of a modern, flexible solution that has been very well received by our customers. In the pandemic, digital contactless payments were a necessity and everyone always has their mobile phone on them. Thanks to Worldline, we can look to the future with confidence and are now able to offer our customers all common means of payment. That’s a real win,” says Mathias Bechtel.