Saferpay now supports Apple Pay as a means of payment

Saferpay now supports Apple Pay as a means of payment

Accept Apple Pay transactions with just two clicks

Millions of online merchants accept Apple Pay. If your customers use Safari to shop on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, they can now use Apple Pay to enter their credit card details or fill out a complex form without having to set up an account. Saferpay now enables you to carry out fully automated on-boarding without an extra contract or added costs – you can accept Apple Pay on your payment page too with just two clicks.

What are Apple Pay’s advantages?

Your customers who have an Apple device benefit from a streamlined checkout process without having to enter any card or address information. Once the address and credit card details are saved in the Wallet, they are both encrypted and transferred to the Saferpay payment system. The delivery and billing address are then sent to the merchant based on their needs and linked to the order/payment. Your customers no longer have to enter information at checkout. They just simply confirm their purchase using Touch ID, PIN or Face ID. 

Your benefits with Saferpay

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Simple self-on-boarding process with just two clicks
  • Additional security offered through tokenisation
  • No annual costs
  • No additional transaction costs
  • No contract with Apple
  • No Apple Developer Account required

Activation with just two clicks

Log in to the Saferpay Backoffice – activation is really simple:

  1. Select the desired terminal in the Backoffice
  2. Click ‘Activate’ and voila! That’s it.

Test Apple Pay

Would you like to try Apple Pay first? No worries.

What means of payment and features does Saferpay support with Apple Pay?


  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • V PAY
  • Diners
  • American Express


  • Invoice and delivery address information transferred from the Wallet
  • Refund and cancellation
  • Recurring transactions

More detailed information is also available in our Apple Pay documentation.