Opening your web shop is really easy

Opening your web shop is really easy

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Open a web shop in just a few steps

In recent months, most merchants have had to change how they do things at short notice as a result of the spread of COVID-19: shops have had to close and the demand for online shops has grown rapidly. Digitisation has gone up a level all of a sudden as a result of lockdown and working from home. Lots of merchants that had previously only offered their products and services in their physical store have faced the challenge of moving their business from offline to online: but how do you create a web shop, what do you need to consider and which providers are trustworthy? And most importantly: how quickly can this be achieved?

In this blog post, we explain how easy it is to open a web shop and provide you with step-by-step instructions. And we want to get something out of the way in advance: you don’t need to be a marketing expert or an IT specialist... basic PC skills are more than enough.

We would also be happy to provide you with help opening your online shop with our All-in-One E-Commerce Webshop Pack for beginners.

So what do I need to get started in e-commerce?

1. Select a domain

Firstly, the domain is simply the Internet address of your web shop, for example To make sure that people find you on the Internet using your domain, you need to know the following tricks:

  1. Do you want to make your name well-known? Then use your company name.
  2. Do you want people to find your products and have them positioned prominently on search engines? Then include your portfolio too, e.g.
  3. Do you only offer your products on a regional basis? Then mention the region in the domain, e.g.

For the new E-Commerce Webshop Pack you will get a certified and secure domain after registration: with, example: Do you need a country-specific domain (e.g. .com, .org or .de)? You can get these free of charge from us too.

You can also always use your existing (sub)domain for your Web shop without incurring any additional costs.

2. Shop software

The Webshop Pack  provides you with a perfect all-in-one solution which covers all the service providers you would otherwise have to use to create a professional Web shop, for example:

  1. A software provider that provides the actual shop software (open source or subject to a charge).
  2. A design agency that either creates a design from scratch or acquires and redesigns existing templates.
  3. A programmer to implement the software with the design specifications (may often also be the design agency).
  4. Payment service providers via which you activate the various means of payment and with which you conclude acceptance agreements for credit and debit cards or mobile means of payment.
  5. Delivery service providers that ship the goods to the customer.

If you want to offer a solution which is Click & Collect only at the beginning and which will be collected from the physical shop after the online order has been placed, then you won’t need a delivery service provider.

You can get started in online retail in just a few days using these five steps.

3. Design the web shop

Various design templates are available for you to use for your Web shop. The templates provide the basic design. With the E-Commerce Webshop Pack you can choose from a variety of attractive templates which meet all the requirements for creating a modern and professional design. The templates are responsive, meaning that they are displayed perfectly on all devices. After you have selected the design template, you can personalise the Web shop design, for example by changing the colours and the fonts and displaying the unique selling points of your online shop in the header. You should also upload your logo right away, of course.

Tip: If you don’t have a logo yet, you can use online marketplaces for digital services to have a really individual and professional logo created without spending very much money.

Saferpay Blog Webshop Pack - Design options - SIX Payment Services

Design options with various design templates

4. Create legally-compliant website pages

As a shop operator, you will have to deal with some legal matters. In order to ensure that your Web shop complies with the law, it is essential that you create the following pages:

  • Legal Notice
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Right of Withdrawal (if not already covered in the Terms & Conditions)

These pages have already been created in the E-Commerce Webshop Pack and you just need to fill them out. For example, you can download legal texts free of charge from the Trusted Shops website.

The legal pages are mandatory in order to obtain final approval from us. As a payment service provider, we are required by the authorities to carry out this check. Money may only be paid once this check has been completed.

As a European provider, it is also advisable to work with service providers from the EU to ensure compliance with all the regulations. Our Webshop Pack is, for example, already preconfigured for the tax brackets in your country. The integrated Saferpay payment solution and credit card acceptance are regularly reviewed by European authorities.

Saferpay Blog Webshop Pack - right of withdrawal - SIX Payment Services

Example of the creation of a page about the right of withdrawal

5. Create products and collections

The products you sell are the most important part of your web shop. When adding a product, you should always provide its name, the price and a description. It is also important to upload high-quality photos that provide your customers with a perfect impression of the products. Please also check the rights of use for the photos. It is best to take the photos yourself or have the right of use confirmed by the manufacturer.

In our Webshop Pack you can organise your products into collections. These may be, for example, new additions, products which are on offer or similar products (e.g. t-shirts, coats and trousers). The collections therefore allow you to present your products in an appealing manner in the shop. Naturally, the Webshop Pack also allows you to set variations for size, colours or similar.

Saferpay Blog Webshop Pack - Products and collections - SIX Payment Services

Adding products to the Web shop

6. Activate the Saferpay plugin

With our Saferpay plugin (payment app), you will have access to all the important means of payment. If you are already a Saferpay customer, simply activate the Saferpay plugin via the Webshop Pack Cockpit under “Payment - Available Apps” and copy the Saferpay access details from the Saferpay Backoffice (mySaferpay). If you have not yet received any final Saferpay access data, then simply request test access via You can choose from the following payment methods with Saferpay:

  • Visa
  • V PAY
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club International
  • Discover Card
  • Apple Pay
  • TWINT*
  • iDEAL*
  • Bancontact*
  • PayPal**
  • American Express**
  • Klarna instant funds transfer*, **
  • EPS*, **
  • PostFinance*, **

* in certain countries.

** Agreement with provider necessary. We would be happy for you to pass on the provider access data to us and we can then activate this.

7. Optimise the Webshop Pack for search engines

Thanks to the Webshop Pack , online shops have been optimally prepared for search engines such as Google with clever default settings. This enables you to achieve good rankings and makes it easy for customers to find you. In order to continue to optimise your Web shop, you should alter the settings for pages and products. For example, it is advisable to have an informative page title which contains the keywords that are relevant for your shop. It may take a while for the benefits of search engine optimisation to become visible. However, this is definitely worthwhile for you from a longer-term perspective.

Saferpay Blog Webshop Pack - Search engine optimisation - SIX Payment Services

Create the right search engine entry

8. Test the Webshop Pack, go live and gain customers

Visit all the subpages of your online shop and check whether you are happy with how everything is displayed. You can place test orders to check the order process, the payment and delivery methods and the e-mails the shop sends to your customers. Wherever possible you should also ask friends and acquaintances for their feedback. Have you finished and are you happy with your Web shop? Then you can open the shop now and concentrate on customer acquisition straight away.

9. Marketing for your web shop

If you already have a physical store, then use your retail store as a platform for advertising your Web shop right away and profit from additional visibility. Use a QR code in your store window, for example, to make your customers aware of your online shop. Manage your profile on Google My Business too and add a link to your Web shop there. And are you already active on social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram? Then use your existing reach to advertise your Web shop.