Hit the ground running online with Klarna Payments

Hit the ground running online with Klarna Payments

Increase turnover and prevent aborted payments: Klarna Pay Now, Pay Later and Financing

Have you already tried various options, but the rate of aborted payments in your shopping cart still won’t decrease? A possible reason could be the means of payment you offer — or rather those you don’t offer. This is because almost half of all customers abandon their purchase if their preferred payment method is not accepted. Our online payment system, Saferpay, already allows you to process 26 means of payment in your web shop and now more have been added:

Through our extended partnership with Klarna, we now also offer Klarna Payments with Pay Now, Pay Later and Financing. All three are easy to integrate on the Saferpay payment page using an e-commerce terminal.

And it gets even better: As soon as Klarna launches a new means of payment in the future, we will automatically support it!

As market surveys show, 32.8 percent of customers in Germany prefer paying by invoice, 3.9 percent by instalments and 1.8 percent by instant funds transfer (EHI study “Online Payment 2020”). In Austria, paying by invoice is 38 percent more popular than in other European countries (Statista “Omnichannel Readiness Index 2020”). In Switzerland paying by invoice is almost as popular as paying by credit card – according to the Swiss e-commerce trend indicator 2020, 76 percent of respondents said they preferred this payment method. By comparison: Credit cards accounted for 76 percent.

Even though the rankings differ, it is clear that all three means of payment are in demand from customers and that you as a merchant should integrate them into your means of payment portfolio to reduce the risk of aborted purchases. Klarna also assumes both credit and fraud risk for all payment methods. Let’s take a look at the three new means of payment separately, because they all have very different benefits.

Pay Now

Let your customers pay immediately – quickly, easily and securely. Your customers can make secure bank payments in just a few seconds. Klarna Pay Now also supports recurring payments and subscriptions. There are various ways to Pay Now:

  • Direct bank transfer
    Fast and secure payment via online banking data. Klarna bears the risk associated with credit and fraud loss. You will always receive your money.
  • Direct debit
    Easy payment by direct debit. The data are filed so your customers can pay next time with just one click. This saves time. Klarna bears the risk of potential losses on your behalf.

Pay Later

Let your customers buy now and pay later (14-30 days depending on country). This increases flexibility at the checkout and provides a smooth shopping experience. Klarna will send the invoice to your customer by e-mail. If your customers decide to use the Pay Later option at the checkout, there is no need for them to remember long or complex bank or card data.

  • Returning customers are recognised and information is pre-populated.
  • Customers who are new to Klarna only need to enter a few personal details, which they always have to hand. Ideal for mobile shopping on the go.


Increase your customers' purchasing power and benefit from higher turnover and conversion rates by offering financing options. No complicated, time-consuming application process. Your customers can choose between two instalment options:

  • Flexible from month to month
    Flexible instalments of up to 24 months, with no fixed term. Your customers decide how much they want to pay each month. The balance can be paid in full or the minimum monthly payment can be made.
  • Fixed payment plan
    Fixed instalments that are constant and predictable – for example, pay in 6, 12 or 24 monthly instalments. Your customers can choose their own instalment plan, giving them security and financial freedom.

You can use Klarna Payments with Saferpay in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium

Activation could not be easier

Klarna Payments can be activated in three steps:

  1. Sign a contract with Klarna directly. Please send an e-mail to: worldline.sps@klarna.com
  2. Make sure that your Saferpay connection supports Klarna Payments.
  3. Activate Klarna Payments in your Saferpay Backoffice.


Log into the Saferpay Backoffice and select your e-commerce terminal under “Settings” and “Means of payment / terminals”. Click on “Configure”, then configure as required and activate Klarna. All done!

More detailed information is also available in our Klarna Payments doumentation.

Test Klarna Payments

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