bofrost* and SIX Payment Services

bofrost* and SIX Payment Services

Europe’s largest frozen food sales company places its trust in SIX Payment Services

The European market leader in frozen food direct sales was looking for a payment solution for its direct sales that would accept payments quickly and securely, reduce the number of devices required and provide receipts at all times. The partnership with SIX Payment Services made this possible.

The bofrost* success story started in the town of Issum in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. In the spring of 1966, the Boquoi family bought a freezer and delivered ice cream and vegetables to farmers in the surrounding area – directly to their front door and into their home freezer. Today bofrost* is the European market leader in frozen food direct sales with more than 4 million customers. The top priority for the traditional brand: the frozen food must be delivered on the desired date without any interruption of the cold chain. The sales drivers therefore have a lot of work: a “Bofrostaner” (the internal company name for the employees) can visit between 40 and 60 households per day.

Daily challenges: secure data exchange and compact infrastructure

One of the challenges faced by the approx. 130 bofrost* sales drivers in Switzerland: the hardware they use on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that besides the Windows handheld used for merchandise management and the cash register, the drivers also carry a terminal and a printer with them on their daily deliveries. Alongside the technical vulnerability of the devices, there are also challenges in terms of bandwidth and data exchange. And there is another requirement: bofrost* wants to be able to print purchase receipts at all times (e.g. for cash payments).

Worldline/SIX Payment Services is the European market leader in the field of payment transactions and transaction services and the preferred partner of bofrost*. Together, the two companies developed a complete solution that reduces the hardware and establishes a secure connection between the various devices.

Mobile deliveries, interconnected direct sales & secure payment solutions

In the first step, the existing terminals in all vehicles were exchanged for the mobile terminal yoximo. Alongside WLAN and a reliable battery, the yoximo offers an integrated printer, which makes the existing printer unnecessary. In the next step, bofrost* introduced Android smartphones which allow direct communication with their customers and the usage of other marketing functions integrated in the bofrost* App. Lastly, the yoximo mobile terminals were tethered to the bofrost* drivers’ smartphones via the TIM interface  (TIM = TILL integrated module), which ensures reliable data exchange. 

This means that customers receive a receipt on request at all times for their purchases, regardless of the payment method. Another advantage for bofrost*: the drivers now only need two devices, i.e. the Android smartphone and the mobile yoximo terminal. This not only increases efficiency but also ensures secure data exchange.

And what happens if it’s not possible to connect to the mobile phone network?

The solution by SIX Payment Services supports offline transactions. Payments can be accepted even if there is no SIM connection. The payment is processed as soon as the connection is restored. All popular means of payment in Switzerland are covered, meaning that customers have flexibility when choosing their payment method.

SIX Payment Services has been more than a partner for electronic payments, supporting us in improving our sales process