SIX card acceptance

How the world pays

Today, customers increasingly expect to be able to pay by card.

This is why broad acceptance of debit and credit cards as well as fast and reliable processing of retail transactions is the be-all and end-all of cashless payments.

With SIX Payment Services, we offer you a single solution for your payment terminal enabling you to accept the world's most popular debit and credit cards in your high street or online store. The more cards you accept, the better your prospects to grow your sales and benefit from spontaneous purchases. 

The benefits of accepting payment cards with SIX

Higher sales as a result of spontaneous purchases.

Settlement of all debit and credit card transactions from a single source.

24/7 immediate authorization of manual transactions

Fast and reliable settlement of all transactions - the money will be credited directly to your account within a few working days.

Login to the myPayments online portal for a quick overview of your credit advice messages.

Login to the myCompany online portal for the analysis of your card payment flows, including industry figures for competitor analysis.

Credit and debit cards

We offer acceptance contracts for the following credit and debit cards 

One of the most popular credit card brands in the world with 1.5 billion cardholders worldwide..

This is also one of the most popular credit cards, with 1 billion Mastercard cardholders worldwide. The Debit Mastercard is becoming increasingly popular across Europe.

Maestro is the most popular debit card from the Mastercard family in Switzerland, which is used all over Europe.

The number of V PAY cards has been growing rapidly across Europe.


This is a major Japanese credit card brand with 59 million cardholders in Asia, which is accepted worldwide.

The UnionPay credit card is the most popular method of payment for the Chinese, both home and abroad. Over 2.1 billion cards have been issued so far in 14 states.

Diners Club is the oldest credit card in the world, and it is a must for any retailer involved in the tourism and travel industry.

The Discover Card is widely used in the US but also popular worldwide.

Would you like to accept American Express cards and PostFinance Card?

While the terminal from SIX Payment Services can be used to process Amex and PostFinance Card transactions, you as a retailer will have to conclude a separate contract with the respective provider to accept Amex cards or PostFinance Card.

If you wish to accept Amex, you can specify this in your SIX card acceptance order, and we will forward all the necessary information to Amex.

If you wish to accept PostFinance, please contact PostFinance directly. 

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