Online terminals bundle for small and new customers

Mobile Terminals

We offer mobile terminals at an entry-level price. Combined with our attractive acquiring, these are ideal for new business ventures. Strengthen your business with our attractive conditions (no monthly fees, you pay only 1.7%* per transaction), combined with high performance terminals.

Link/2500 Portable Flex

  • Touch Display
  • Bis zu 10 Transaktionen pro Minute
  • Bis zu 3.5 Stunden Akkulaufzeit
  • Wifi, 4G
  • Ohne Drucker (Optional)

Castle Saturn S1000

  • Touch Display mit Android OS
  • Bis zu 50 Transaktionen pro Minute
  • Bis zu 15 Stunden Akkulaufzeit
  • Wifi, 4G, 5G
  • Inklusive Drucker

Worldline Tap on Mobile

0 CHF + 1.7%* per transaction
  • Android App
  • Digital receipt
  • Contactless function