Worldline Purchase with Cash Back

Worldline Purchase with Cash Back

Simplify everyday life for your customers

Shopping and withdrawing cash at the POS

Withdraw cash for every payment made with a debit card? This is made possible by the free additional service from Worldline: worldline Purchase with Cash Back is free for the merchant. This means your customers no longer need to make the trip to an ATM or a bank branch because they can easily and conveniently get cash from you at the cash register. The total sum of the purchase and the cash is carried out with one payment.

Benefit from offering cash back

It is free for you to give cash back as the transaction commission is only calculated on the purchased items.*

You can reduce the amount of cash in your cash register and the costs for handling cash.

All customers who make a debit card payment to you can use this service, starting from a minimum purchase amount of as low as CHF 10.

People will make a special trip to your store to get cash back. This is especially interesting in areas where there are usually fewer cash machines around.

*For purchases worth CHF 25 and additional cash back of CHF 100, transaction commission only applies to the CHF 25 value of the purchased items.

No additional costs

Cash back without additional costs for the merchant is available for the following debit cards in Switzerland: Debit Mastercard, Maestro and Visa Debit. The maximum payout amount is CHF 300, while the minimum is CHF 20 and can only be received in connection with a purchase.

Added value for all

Increased customer loyalty 

Higher sales opportunities 

Free additional service 

Reduced cash in your cash register

No fees for your
customers to get cash back 

Low minimum purchase amount for your customers

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