Worldline One Link

Worldline One Link

Automatically identify your customers through their means of payment

Connect your customers’ means of payment with your loyalty programme and increase your efficiency

Do you have an existing Value Added Services programme that you would like to link to your customers’ means of payment? With Worldline One Link, having a wallet full of credit, debit and customer cards – not to mention countless paper receipts – is a thing of the past. Worldline’s new digital service combines the payment process with innovative Value Added Services, receipt digitisation and the collection of attractive loyalty points and bonus rewards. And the best part about it is that everything runs in a fully automated manner in the background. Because once registered, rewards from linked programmes are automatically credited. With this setup, your customers benefit from every purchase while you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction – and, by extension, your turnover!  

One Link is suitable for your loyalty programmes, digital till receipts and for Value Added Services providers.

For merchants who do not yet use our service for their own loyalty programme or their receipt digitisation, we recommend an established programme from our partners (for example poinz Swiss Loyalty, ReceiptHero or Magic Pass) that is also supported by One Link.

How One Link works

For you as the merchant

Link your programme to the One Link service and implement the registration process in your app or on your website. After that, registered customers are automatically recognised.

For your customers

Your customers register with their means of payment (such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay etc.) directly in your app or the partner app and automatically benefit with each payment.