Tax Free Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

VAT refunds for your customers

Increase your turnover with Tax Free Shopping

The tax refund is a strong incentive for your international customers and has been proven to increase the chances of impulse purchases, for example at the airport or in shopping malls. Worldline has partnered with Global Blue, the world’s leading tax free provider to offer retailers an attractive tax free shopping solution.

How does Tax Free Shopping work?

Your international customers buy goods including value added tax (VAT), which is refunded to their credit or debit card within a few minutes with Global Blue. As usual, your customers receive the Tax Free form (export certificate), which must be validated by customs. They can hand in this validated certificate at any Global Blue Refund Point in the airport or post it within 30 days.  

The Tax Free Service from Global Blue uses an integrated token solution provided by Worldline (TFS Token Service) to process transaction data fast and secure. All you need is an integrated terminal from Worldline and registration with Global Blue for the tax refund service.

Advantages for you as a merchant

  • Acquisition of new foreign customers
  • More sales through additional purchases
  • Automatic Tax Free Shopping eligibility detection for credit card payments
  • Highest security standards
  • Effective customer retention
  • Automated processing of the Tax Free Shopping form
  • Upselling opportunity as the customer receives their Tax Refund whilst still in your store

Advantages for your international customers

  • Effortless way to get the Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded
  • Automated processing of the Tax Free Shopping form
  • Highest security standards
  • Refund directly to credit card