Rechargeable gift cards

Keep your customers loyal and get new customers on board with gift cards

Your customers can give away a unique shopping experience in your store with the gift cards from SIX Payment Services. This way the name of your company will be spread and will be remembered for a long time. These are ideal conditions to win new customers!

Added turnover

Increased brand awareness

Suitable for your payment terminal

Eye-catching designs

Your benefits:

  • Greater customer loyalty ensured with this unique gift idea
  • Increased sales stimulated by new customers
  • The online portal provides up-to-date information about card sales, transactions and expiry dates
  • Cards accepted by your existing payment terminal

Your customers’ benefits:

  • The perfect gift for a range of different occasions
  • Any amount can be added to the card during the period of validity
  • The online portal and app allow the customer to view their balance, transactions made and expiry dates

Increase your turnover with Gift cards

This cool, convenient alternative to paper vouchers is the perfect gift for your customers. Top-up gift cards from SIX Payment Services come in eight different designs. Alternatively, you can create your own. You can also access the SIX Payment Services online portal to monitor and manage all gift cards sold to customers, while the card holder can use the portal or an app to view the gift card’s balance and expiry date along with transactions made using the card.

gift cards from six payment services