Your financial dashboard from eClear

Easily see your turnover, sales and tax data at all times with SPOT

The SPOT financial dashboard was specially developed for companies that regularly deal with EU-wide shipments, VAT reports and compliance requirements.

Get a complete overview of your e-commerce business. If you are run an online shop across several marketplaces, SPOT pulls your invoice data from all previous systems and summarises it in a combined overview. You’ll never have to switch back and forth between different reports again. A single SPOT login is all you need to access your turnover and sales data.

Want to know more? Try SPOT for free for 3 months!

After that, you only pay CHF 8.90 per month for SPOT in Switzerland or EUR 8.90 (plus VAT) per month within Europe.

Your benefits

  • Ready to use immediately: Easily connect your data sources to the eClear plugins and you’re good to go. SPOT presents you with all transactions in just one click.
  • Shopping cart analyses: See your top five revenue-generating markets and products and analyse your company’s growth.
  • Dynamic turnover chart: Monitor turnover, invoices and credits and compare them against your accounting history, going back up to 12 months.
  • Export or view: Create data visualisations in JPG format or use the presentation mode to view your analyses online or on screens.
  • Automatic VAT rate validation: Benefit from automatic VAT rate validation in line with current EU regulations.
  • Interfaces to previous systems: SPOT offers APIs for billbee, eBay, DreamRobot, JTL, plentymarkets, tricoma and many more.
  • Quick insights: Get direct access to your key KPIs and view process statuses.
  • EU sales card: Visualise your transactions as they happen with SPOT’s tax, heat and flow maps for Europe.

For questions about SPOT, please contact our partner.