Compliant with the European Vending Association's guidelines, VALINA can be installed in kiosks, vending machines, parking meters and can also be used for similar applications. Furthermore, the Android-based platform supports value-added services and third-party business applications. The convenient colour touch display and the attractive user interface allow the customer a convenient and smooth payment process.


Touch display

Mobile payment

Maximum security

Please note the following for vending solutions with unattended terminals:

  • The unattended terminals are purchased from Worldline by the vending machine manufacturer/supplier.
  • The unattended terminals are installed professionally by the vending machine manufacturer/supplier in accordance with the applicable regulations (including the Card Schemes).
  • The vending machine software must be connected to the unattended terminal via an interface (MPD-/ TIM-Server, TIM API or TIM-Server-MDB).
  • The complete solution (vending machine with unattended terminal installed) must undergo the ep2 conformity test and be certified.
  • The vending machine manufacturer/supplier hands over the complete vending machine solution to the vending machine operator with a handover protocol and confirmation of compliance with the above points.

Product Video

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