The compact all-in-one terminals easily integrate cashless payment in self-service businesses like vending or in- and outdoor kiosks. Whether they have a touchscreen display or a physical keypad, these terminals stand out with their elegant, modern design and appealing user interface. They accept any method of electronic payment including contactless, magstripe and QR codes.


Touch Display

Mobile Payment

Maximum Security

Please note the following for vending solutions with unattended terminals:

  • The unattended terminals are purchased from Worldline by the vending machine manufacturer/supplier.
  • The unattended terminals are installed professionally by the vending machine manufacturer/supplier in accordance with the applicable regulations (including the Card Schemes).
  • The vending machine software must be connected to the unattended terminal via an interface (MPD-/ TIM-Server, TIM API or MDB).
  • The complete solution (vending machine with unattended terminal installed) must undergo the ep2 conformity test and be certified.
  • The vending machine manufacturer/supplier hands over the complete vending machine solution to the vending machine operator with a handover protocol and confirmation of compliance with the above points.