Payconiq, the leading mobile payment solution in Luxembourg

The Payconiq solution is known by more than nine Luxembourg residents in ten and used by more than one in every two residents. Payconiq is the number one mobile payment solution in Luxembourg: this one is the most used on the market, out of all electronic wallets. Payconiq is issued by six of the largest retail banks in Luxembourg and offers its users a secure and unique payment experience. The proof? More than nine users in every ten would recommend it without hesitation.

Source: 2021 TNS Ilres study

Directly on your terminal!

Accept Payconiq directly on your compatible payment terminal(s) in Luxembourg. When Payconiq is active, a QR code appears on your terminal for every transaction. Your customer has therefore the choice either to pay with Payconiq, or with traditional credit and debit cards. For you, acceptance of Payconiq works in exactly the same way as acceptance of a payment card: nothing changes from your perspective.

How does it work?

1. Your client opens the Payconiq app on his smartphone.

2. Enter the purchase amount on the terminal or on your cash register.

3. The QR code appears automatically on the screen of your Worldline terminal. You have nothing more to do.

4. Your client scans the QR code on the terminal using his Payconiq app or his bank’s app.

5. Your client uses his PIN code, fingerprint or face ID to confirm the payment.

6. The payment is complete! Your customer receives a confirmation notification via the Payconiq app.

7. After a successful payment, a confirmation appears on the terminal and a sales receipt is printed out.


  • In order to pay with the Payconiq app, the customer requires WiFi or a mobile network.
  • Refunds of Payconiq transactions are not yet possible on your terminal.
  • If you use a terminal integrated into your cash register and you perform a reconciliation of transactions by brand, please contact your integrator to carry out the identification of Payconiq on your cash register.

Acceptance of Payconiq is possible on almost all of our fixed or portable terminals, or those integrated into an automatic distributor. The payment process is detailed on a step-by-step basis in the user guide which can be downloaded below.

Numerous benefits for you and your customers!

The payment process is simple, quick, secure and contactless

For you, it works in exactly the same way as a classic card transaction.
For your customer, payment using the secure Payconiq app of their bank is very easy and there is no need to touch your terminal. It’s hygienic!

Everything on one single device

No additional infrastructure is required: acceptance of Payconiq transactions takes place via your existing terminal, complementing card payments. You will receive all of your payments through our intermediary and you will find all of your transactions on your statements and on myPortal.

Enhanced payment options

You are completing the range of means of payment that you offer whilst responding to the increasing digital needs of your customers.

Open to all Benelux-based Payconiq users

In addition to Payconiq users in Luxembourg, your doors will be open to all Benelux-based Payconiq users. This means that you can accept Payconiq payments from Belgian or Dutch users. This is a real plus point for your business, as Payconiq is the definitive mobile payment solution in the entire region.

Responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ)