With more than 900 million active users and significantly more than 100 million transactions a day, Alipay is the most widespread mobile payment solution in China. The rising number of Asian tourists has led to increasing demand to accept Alipay payments in Europe. You can prepare for new and financially strong customers from China by accepting Alipay.

Alipay at the terminal

Also attract financially strong customers from China by accepting Alipay at your point of sale. The technology required to use Alipay is already integrated into the new terminals provided by Worldline, thus enabling you to offer your customers from China fast and secure payment processing using their preferred app.

Do you already have a QR capable payment terminal from Worldline? Then all you need is a software update, which will be activated for you by Worldline.

Alipay at the terminal is as simple as this

Alipay lets you offer Chinese tourists a seamless payment experience. Payment is carried out automatically and stays exactly the same for you and your staff, with no additional steps.

Customers who have an Alipay app can pay quickly and easily at the terminal using their smartphone by scanning the QR code.

Additional sales without additional costs

Alipay opens up a completely new additional marketing channel for you. Users are shown all merchants that offer Alipay in the app. Asian tourists are directed straight to your business. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain access to Alipay’s extensive marketing and promotion programmes.

What’s more: in China, this app has been used for much more than just making payments for a while now. It is more of a ‘lifestyle platform’. You can use Alipay to take out a loan, arrange a doctor’s appointment, make a table reservation, order a taxi and much more. It also offers numerous discounts and vouchers.

Expand your selection of payment options and offer customers from Asia the opportunity to pay with Alipay.