FAQ for Worldline online orders

Frequently asked questions

Which documents and information do I need to order online?

What is my mobile number required for?

Can country selection for the company headquarters be changed in the order process?

What do I have to consider when specifying the account holder?

What happens after I have sent off my online order?

How long will delivery and activation of my mPRIME terminal take?

How long does it take until I can integrate my E-Commerce solution into my web shop?

How can payment be made for the online order?

What is myPayments resp. myCompany and how do I get access?

What is mySaferpay and how do I get access to it?

Where can I find operating instructions?

Can I order more than one solution?

Can I also accept payments from American Express?

Can I also accept payments from PostFinance?

Does the mPRIME work only via WLAN?

Are the any accessories for mPRIME?

Where can I buy the mPRIME accessories?

I am already a Worldline customer - can I also use the online offer?

Which shop systems are supported by the E-Commerce offerings?