Shop and pay – just like at home

Shop and pay – just like at home

Dynamic Currency Conversion for card payments

Make it easier for international customers to pay in your shop. With the free Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), your terminal or online shop automatically recognises international cards and immediately offers automatic conversion into the cardholder’s home currency.

Let your international customers pay conveniently in their home currency. Our free DCC service makes it possible. The payment amount is dynamically converted into the buyer’s home currency at the exchange rate valid on the day. Dynamic Currency Conversion is also worthwile for you: You receive a commission per transaction with DCC.

Your advantages with Dynamic Currency Conversion

Benefit from a refund for every DCC transaction

Free service that requires no additional investment

Best exchange rate guarantee for your customers

Acceptance of all major currencies

How does Dynamic Currency Conversion work?

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Would you like to use Dynamic Currency Conversion?

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Benefit from refunds

DCC provides a win-win situation for all parties involved: Your international customers can pay for their purchases directly in their card currency, and you receive an attractive refund on every payment with DCC. The acceptance of DCC transactions works for you in exactly the same way as a conventional transaction. You will receive your payments in Swiss francs as usual.

DCC is particularly suitable for merchants who already offer their products internationally, or who want to grow. Dynamic Currency Conversion is also available for your online shop with Saferpay.

Greater transparency for your international clientele

The value-added solution DCC provides more transparency for card payments. In most cases, cardholders only find out how expensive the purchase abroad actually was and what exchange rate was used to convert the foreign currency when they receive their monthly statement. Thanks to DCC, the actual amount charged to the card is already visible when paying in the shop.