ReceiptHero and Magic Pass

ReceiptHero and Magic Pass

Value added for your cashless payment solution

Get more out of your terminal with our value-added solutions. These value-added services support your cashless payment processes and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With our value-added services, you get the most out of your terminal, increase turnover and retain customers. These services include loyalty solutions, gift cards, analysis tools or clever services such as dynamic currency conversion (DCC).

We not only develop our own value-added services, but also work with numerous partner companies to offer you a wide range of innovative and practical value-added solutions. ReceiptHero and Magic Pass are two services we can offer you thanks to our partnerships.

ReceiptHero – digitalise your receipts

According to the Swiss Payment Monitor (in German), cash is no longer the most frequently used means of payment in Switzerland. Payment with cash has been replaced by payment with debit cards as the most popular means of payment. But do digital payments still require a "classic" paper receipt? Studies show that most customers would prefer a digital till receipt. ReceiptHero offers the ideal solution here.

Our partner, ReceiptHero, has developed a solution that makes life easier for you and your customers. The fully digitalised receipt platform ensures that you can send till receipts to your customers' mobile phones in real time. These then appear in the end customer's existing banking or payment app or optionally also in the ReceiptHero app. The sustainable and innovative service runs fully automated in your payment program.

About ReceiptHero

The FinTech, ReceiptHero has developed a fully digitalised receipt platform. This can be used by merchants to send receipts in real time to banking or accounting applications or other partner apps. ReceiptHero is integrated with electronic cash registers and payment solutions to create digital receipts.

Magic Pass – loyalty program for Swiss mountain railways

Loyal customers make up around 20% of the customer base and generate around half of the turnover. By contrast, discount hunters are less loyal and need an incentive to buy. This is where a loyalty program like the Magic Pass can help.

With the Magic Pass loyalty program, you as a merchant in French-speaking Switzerland can tap into new customer groups who love mountains and hiking. WL One Link with Magic Pass allows your customers to collect attractive bonus rewards. Based on the purchase value in your shop, points are automatically transferred to members without you or your sales staff having to do anything. The payment process remains unchanged for you and your customers.

About Magic Pass

Magic Pass is a publicly available annual pass that offers free access to all facilities in the 40 Magic Pass partner resorts (valid from summer opening until the end of the following winter season). The Magic Pass loyalty program currently has 21,000 members. For more information, please visit: