Make purchases and withdraw cash

Make purchases and withdraw cash

Free additional service for consumers

Cash is still in demand in Austria. The closure of bank branches means that fewer ATMs are available for withdrawing cash. SIX Payment Services has found a solution to this problem with a free additional service: cash can be withdrawn with each purchase made with a debit card.

Austria is a ‘cash nation’ and cash is always important. This has been recently confirmed in a study by ING International. The results of the study showed the following: cashless living is not rejected anywhere as much as it is in Austria, even though cashless payments are being offered with ever greater frequency, and more widely.

Cashback with no additional costs

In future, it will no longer be necessary to withdraw cash from an ATM or the nearest bank branch. Merchants can easily allow their customers to withdraw cash directly with them in store with a SIX Payment Services terminal. As the only payment service provider, SIX Payment Services facilitates the service for all debit cards supported in Austria: Maestro, Debit Mastercard and V PAY – for mobile terminals too.

Numerous advantages for merchants and their customers

  • Additional service for higher customer retention
  • Free cash payout
  • No minimum purchase amount for customers
  • Less cash in the cash register
  • Lower costs for handling cash

Well catered for with cash - in the city and the countryside

Cashback is suited to the most varied of industries - from traditional grocery stores to small merchants to catering businesses. On one side, merchants are able to offer their customers added value and achieve higher customer frequency and additional turnover. On the other side, it also contributes to the nationwide cash supply.

SIX Payment Services already has over 10,000 points of sale throughout Austria where you can withdraw cash whilst making a purchase. Big food retailers like REWE (Billa, Merkur, BIPA, Penny), Lidl, Denn’s etc. are some of our customers. Even guest houses in Tyrol now offer cashback. Cashback via the POS is playing an increasingly important role, especially in rural areas, and demand from local merchants is increasing greatly.

How does processing work for customers?

With the free additional service from SIX Payment Services, merchants can offer their customers cashback of up to EUR 200 with each purchase made using a debit card. Customers simply specify the desired withdrawal amount when paying at the cash register.

What requirements do merchants have to meet?

Merchants need to have a SIX Payment Services terminal and an acceptance contract as a requirement of the cash service. The ‘Payment with cash’ function is simply activated for mobile terminals. Cash register-integrated terminals have to have the ‘Purchase with cashback’ function extension for the current terminal connection.